Monday, August 10, 2009

Marc Guerrero founding Chief Executive of OI Philippines urged Noynoy Aquino to take charge

Marc Guerrero official communique to Noynoy Aquino:

9 August 2009

25 Times Street, West Triangle
Quezon City, The Philippines

Dear Senator Noynoy Aquino:

GREETINGS of renewed hope for the Filipinos and for The Philippines after we celebrated the passing of Our Eternal Flame that reawakened the unfinished First EDSA in our hearts!

On the 6th of March 2009, five months and three days today, I wrote the Freedom President of The Philippines who happened to be your mother to serve as honorary chairperson of Orphans International Worldwide-The Philippines (OIP)… Nurturing free and responsible citizens of the world.

Orphans International Philippines was mandated by Orphans International Worldwide ( in New York founded by Jim Luce (TIME Henry Luce’s descendant) with Monaco Prince Albert as OIWW chief global advisor, to get organized and set up an orphans’ campus in a family estate in Laoag City, Ilocos Norte, donated by a Filipino-American in the apple city, Eugene ‘Rick’ Respicio.

Orphans International in America cares for the orphaned children of the world in Asia and Africa.

Its chief global advisor, Prince Albert, is the son of the late Prince Rainier and Grace Kelly of Monaco. Like you, he was orphaned by two distinguished parents. Unlike Prince Albert, perhaps, your parents had given much of their lives for their countrymen, so that we may all live now, and so that the next generation may live happier, healthier than we do.

Orphans Philippines is taking many steps further from, and yet, in synergy with, the OI vision of Mr Luce in 1999, by redefining the Filipino’s role in the care for orphans: Filipinos worldwide will not just “raise global citizens.” We will also nurture free, responsible and responsive citizens of the world.

We told Mr Luce when he invited my organization to work with his organization more than a couple of years ago, OI Philippines the emerging cultural NGO will not just nurture the orphaned children and youth. We will also care for the unempowered women, the elderly or senior citizens, the indigenous communities, the people who are differently-abled (PWDs), and others.

This resolve of the OIP is founded on the ideal that every one of us is an orphan. We have been orphaned, one time or another in the past, by our loved ones. You and I. He, she and them.

That is why we wanted to share with you the joys of seeing that vision of the OIP through.

OIP Philippines will be one with OI Worldwide in helping the worldspeoples in seeing no more orphanages and no more orphans from 2020.

And that is why we wanted to share with you the blessings of fulfilling that mission of OIP with OIWW.

As honorary chairman of the Orphans International Philippines, representing the Freedom President of The Philippines, Corazon Cojuangco Aquino, we can do so much. We can do much more than we resolved or professed to do for the orphaned peoples of the world.

I am just another journalist. I have nothing much of my own to give to others. But I think I can do so much for the uplift of other people by and through the power of the pen, the influence of the written word, the advocates in the press and the media for social entrepreneurship, and the transformative technologies for common good.

Orphans International Worldwide-The Philippines (OIP) needs your help. Be our honorary chair.

As such honorary chair of OIP, you need not do anything more than a few bite-size acts of compassion and creativity, that are inherent in the Filipino.

You need not shell out your own personal money.

You need not give away your own personal property.

You need not attend all the functions of the organization. You will only attend the most important meetings of the organization once or twice a year, unless you chose to be present at our quarterly meetings.

You need not grace all our events, unless you chose otherwise.

You just BE. Be One of us. Be One with us. Be the OIP chair.

Looking back, I found it not ironic nor coincidental that we met a few months ago at a birthday party in Manila of a Senate reporter who happened to be one of our writers in a broadsheet and a tabloid that we were associated in, yesteryears.

We talked about Ninoy, the Chino Roces Manila Times, Sison ice drop, the repressed press during Marcos, 1983, and 1986. I was as if having a good time with Ninoy while guzzling your coke, gusting your Marlboro and downing the “healthy” pulutan broken only by continuous jokes and prolonged laughter, punctuated only by the perennial question: “When are you settling down?,” responded to with the perennial evasiveness.

I confided in you the son that we were inviting thy mother. Some 500 people of various nationalities also thought the same way as I did (and I still do) regarding your mother chairing OIP. The idea of your mom chairing the OIP was germinating more than three years ago. It was all over the internet. I was clueless; history has been unfolding since that chance meeting in Manila during a Senate reporter’s natal day party night.

You can simply BE, Noynoy.

THANK YOU, good health, God bless, as we remain all yours…

{Original signed}
aka Marc Guerrero
Founding Executive Director of OIP
56 South Maya Rd, Philamhomes
Quezon City, The Philippines